do's and don'ts
with choosing a contractor


Your time is valuable and so is your energy. Don’t waste it, look
at a contractors work prior to interviewing them. It is absolutely of no use to you to
pursue a company that cannot possibly meet your standards.
Get referable customer numbers and addresses for what you have in mind.

Here are some questions you might want answered before choosing your contractor:

Find a comfortable level, are you comfortable with this
person or persons (company representative)?
What are your gut feelings?
Do you feel you can work with him/her?

Do they make themselves clear?
Do you feel they understand you?
Are they equipped to do their job?
Do they posses or have access to state of the art tools, apparatus, and equipment?
Do they utilize specialized personnel?
Are they approachable, personable, friendly, accommodating and considerate?
Are they tidy and most important, are they safe?